So, you just booked your session!

Yay! You're getting your photos done! Now it's time to start figuring out what to wear. Getting photos taken can be fun, and picking out an outfit should be too!

If you have no clue where to start, don't worry- I've created this guide to help you plan out the perfect outfits for the most memorable photos!

And remember- this is just a guide. At the end of the day, these are your photos and there is no right or wrong! You can wear whatever you want, but if you need some guidance, then please read along!

Some factors to consider...


This may seem obvious, but the first thing to think of is what season are you getting your photos done in? Fall colors and Spring colors are a lot different, and you want to not only match the season with color, but coverage. You won't be wearing a cute summer dress to an Outdoor Winter session! Maybe you are getting photos taken inside, and in that case, you have a lot more flexibility.

How many people?

Is it just you getting solo portraits done, or is this a couples or family session? If it's more than one person, you all have to coordinate.

What is the vibe you are going for?

Remember how I said at the end of the day, you can wear whatever you want? These are going to be your photos, not mine! So figure out your style, maybe find inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram! Are you looking for something a little more classy and dressy? Or are you looking for something a little more laid back? Figure out what you are trying to accomplish with these photos.

what NOT to wear!

Logos/Brands/Graphic Design

I never really recommend having any types of logos or brands in your photos. There are some exceptions- maybe you are getting your senior photos done and want some shots of you in your future university merch! Totally cool. Buuut- if you are getting your engagement photos done, you might not want to be wearing your Green Bay Packers shirt. Discuss this with your partner, and plan out what you are going for. Remember- these photos are going to last forever, so trying to pick something timeless will help.

Over the Top Prints/Bright Colors

I get it, you may love bright colors, but choosing too many can often look busy in photos (especially with multiple people, all dressed boldly). Bright colors might be your thing- and in that case, I recommend choosing one color and basing your theme around that! Make sure to brainstorm these things with your photographer! If you are going to go bold- maybe have your favorite bright patterned dress be the focal point of the shoot- and make everything around it neutral.

What I recommend to wear!

Neutrals / Earthy Tones

Whites, beiges, browns and blacks are all GREAT places to start! A white dress is going to look amazing- ANYWHERE! Beach, cityscape, field, studio, you name it- neutrals will go well anywhere. If you truly want timeless outfits that will withstand the test of fast fashion trends- go with the basics. Blue jeans, white shirts, tan pants, beige sweaters! Try searching "Neutral Color Palette" on Google or Pinterest, and get inspired there!

Something you feel comfortable in!

You should feel comfortable in your session. No need to wear something crazy and complicated just because you are getting your picture taken. Wear something you love, something you won't mind looking back on and seeing you in. You don't have to go crazy, but remember, you are paying to get your photos done, you won't want to look back in a year and be mad you didn't plan ahead!

Don't forget, these photos are for you and nobody else. Have fun with it! Obviously, the whole point is to have amazing photos to look back on, but you should also be having fun and making memories.