Where should I get my photos taken in Omaha??

So you want to get your pictures taken! Maybe it’s senior photos, or maybe you just got engaged. If you are looking for a place for headshot, or a place to propose, let me walk you through the best places in Omaha to do so. Below, I’ve written out the best places to get your picture taken in Omaha Nebraska. If you are going for outdoorsy, industrial, editorial or more, I’ve got the answers below! 

Best photo spots in Omaha, Nebraska

In this blog, you will learn about some of the top places in Omaha to get your picture taken. This could be for senior portraits, couples engagement, family photos and everything in between.

How do i decide where to take photos?

Don't worry- I got you! If you are unsure, here's a good question to start. Which places are significant to you and your life? Maybe you and your partner had your first date at the movies, well perfect then you can have your engagement shots there. Try to think of places that are meaningful to you and what you want to remember. And if you still don't exactly have any ideas- here are some for you!

So, in no particular order:

The Top 6 Best Places to Take Photos In Omaha

Zorinsky Lake.

Gorgeous Lake and Recreation area in Omaha. Maybe you go here often in the summer. This is a beautiful option if you want pictures by a lake. No matter where you go here, you are going to get great shots in nature.

 OPPD Arboretum

A great place for outdoor photos in Omaha. Easy access for anyone, quick walking trail, nice backgrounds- I would say great for family photos. Keep in mind it can get a little busy here sometimes.


If you want urban and even industrial, check out Downtown Omaha. With the red brick roads in Old Market, or the recently redone Gene Leahy Mall, you are sure to find cool buildings and landscapes as your background!

Chalco Hills Recreation Center

Chalco Hills is gorgeous. After going here once, it became a weekly walking trail for me! So beautiful, and it really doesn't feel like you are in the city anymore! If you want to incorporate the nature of Nebraska, this is a great option.

Hanscom Park

The lake and trees here are just gorgeous in the spring. The trees offer plenty of shade, ideal for shooting in the spring and summer months. The fall colors here are also gorgeous.

Joslyn Art Museum

Located near downtown, this art museum has gorgeous large stone pillars. If you are looking for cool architecture- this is where you should go!

There are so many amazing places in Omaha to get your photo taken

if you still have questions on where to get your photos taken in omaha

Ask your photographer! As a photographer in Omaha, I am not just here to take photos. I am here to help you pick out outfits and locations (if you need help).